We Want To Be The Change, We Want To See In The World… So Our VISION Is “Empowerment Of All”


Our Dream Is To Make Under Privileged Fulfill Their Dreams”

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Balaji Charitable and Welfare Trust

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“No one has ever become poor by giving.”   Is The Core Belief Of Two Philanthropist Shri Dilip Gupta & Shri Ramesh Mageshiya.

Balaji Charitable And Welfare Trust is a Non-Political, Non-Religious, Non-Government & Non-Profitable Institution Focussed On All Sections Of Disadvantaged Society. Be It Poverty, Destitutes, Education Of The Underprivileged, Medically Needy, Nature’s Disaster Sufferers Or Basic Amenities Deprived Class Of Society, Balaji Charitable And Welfare Trust Not Only Stands By Them But Also Protects And Lifts Them Out Of All Calamities.

From The Year 2009, When The Foundation Stone Was Laid of Balaji Charitable And Welfare Trust, It Not Only Takes Care Of All Basic Needs Of 1500 Adivasi Families In The Maldunge Village Near Panvel Taluka In Raigad District But Also Very Selflessly Made All The Necessary Arrangements And Caringly Designed Various Relief Programs. To Name, A Few, Providing The Much Needed Food & Basic Necessities In The 2019 Flood Affected Areas In Kolhapur, To The Latest 2020 Crisis, As In Creating The Free Food Community Kitchen In The Navi Mumbai Region & Magnanimously Feeding 1000 Poor People Stuck In Covid-19 For The Entire Lockdown Period Of 55 Days.  


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